Podiatrist chiropodist and foot health practitioners agree that the foot is often neglected and can suffer a great number of problems. Our aim is to make your feet as pain free and as functional as they can be.
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Salford is the area that most of my patients come from outside of my home town of Urmston. It has a massive population of around 220,000 people and a unique character that separates it from neighbouring Manchester. I'm in Salford almost daily.

Eccles is just a hop over Barton bridge for me. Though most of my patients seem to come from in or around the town centre which is useful as I get the shopping from Morrisons.

Worsley is a pretty village with its old black and white buildings. I love working here and if I get time between patients will take a wander along the canal. Its a picture postcard place though sometimes quite difficult to get to and from in the rush hour.

Irlam and Caddishead is literally a stones throw from Flixton and would have been very easy to get to before the ship canal was built. If i didn't carry so much kit then I would probably walk over the locks to reach my patients.

Swinton is a busy little town with a brilliant shopping centre and a great library which I try to visit whenever i'm there.

Pendlebury is famous around the world for the history of the Pendlebury witches who were accused of murder in the 16 hundreds and paid for this alleged crime with their lives.

Blackfriars used to be a big part of Industrial Salford. Now it is unrecognisable after undergoing massive change from the 60's onwards. It lies on the banks of the Irwell in which Salmon can now be found in great numbers as they head for spawning grounds further up stream. Like the Mersey which also flows into the ship canal it contains an abundance of life that just wasn't sustainable due to pollution just 10 years ago.

Broughton on the banks of the Irwell has seen many changes over the years. It has a massive Jewish population which means good food is to be found. Brackmans bakery is a good place to get a coffee between patients.

Ordsall is a place that I always drive through slowly as I pass Ordsall house and am always wowed at the contrast of old world mansion in amongst ultra modern housing estate.

Walkden is just over the East Lancs road from Worsley and a busy little community with some great shops. My passion for fishing has not yet got me to Black Leach reservoir in Walkden yet but it is just a matter of time when I get an early finish one summers afternoon.

Salford Quays is a unique combination of homes and businesses contained in a village like area of ultra moderness at the end of the ship canal in what used to be the Salford docks. Now home to the Lo wry theatre and fashionable retail outlets it contains a thriving community in a peaceful waterfront community. As you walk around the Quays take a peek into the depths and you can sometimes see the large shoals of large fish that have taken up residence.


Manchester foot care

Manchester foot care

Manchester foot care








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A Chiropodist or Podiatrist spends 3 years studying their profession and their skills in which time they cover the whole human leg and its associated problems. A foot health practitioner spends their entire study on the foot alone and its relationship with the various body systems. A thorough understanding of the foots skeletal, muscular, nervous components, skin and lymph systems is used to diagnose and treat a range of problems that cause pain and hinder function. I would like to make clear that I am not a Podiatrist or Chiropodist but a foot health practitioner dedicated to making you as pain free and as functional as you can be. Call today to make an appointment or for a friendly chat about your requirements.

David Clayton S.A.C Dip. FHPT S.A.C Dip. FHPP


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