Podiatrist chiropodist and foot health practitioners agree that the foot is often neglected and can suffer a great number of problems. Our aim is to make your feet as pain free and as functional as they can be.
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Stockport is the town I was born in and have a soft spot for due to having a lot of history in the the area. I have lived all over Stockport and have many family and friends there which is great if I want a cup of tea between patients.

Offerton is where I grew up as a child starting near Banks lane then moving to offerton estate as a four year old. I lived here for the next 16 years before moving to London.

Hillgate was a bustling place years ago when Auntie Nelly used to take me shopping as a small boy. She lived in the flats and we used to start high up on Hillgate then walk down the hill stopping at various butchers, bakers and candle stick makers then finishing up at the Coop in Stockport town centre though Auntie Nelly used to pronounce it Cwuarp. Sometimes she would take me shopping for shoes in the Cwuarp as the shoe department was run by Scholl who had a fancy machine that accurately measured foot size ( the magic of the marketing people ). Auntie Nelly was very forward thinking when it came to foot wear, i'm sure she should have been a foot health practitioner, chiropodist or ambassador for Scholl.

Heaviley holds very fond memories for me. When in high school I had a girlfriend who's Mum owned a sweet shop. Now life doesn't get much better than that. As an adult Heaviley became home to a number of good Indian restaurants which cooked my favourite food. On a weekend night I could usually be found here.

Great Moor When I think of Great Moor I think of Wong's chippy with its famous gravy though as a kid we used to hang about on Bonis Crescent park and compete in Chess competition in the local library. As a child my dentist and Chiropodist used to be based on the A6 opposite Cohen's Chemist near Antrobus news agents.

Cale Green was my first home after returning from London. We rented a house on Dundonald street as i'd loved the area from being a teenager with a sweet shop owning girl friend. Crocus corner is beautiful in the spring and Cale green park's tennis courts are great.

Davenport is where I spent most Saturday afternoons at the Davenport cinema / theatre. It was a great building that would probably still be going today if the landlord hadn't turned it into a car park.

Bramhall is a place that I always look forward to going. If I have a gap between patients then I try a stroll around Bramhall park which is stunning. My sister was married their and I never tire of looking at the building. The Lady Brook which meanders through its grounds is home to lots of Trout.

Shaw heath I love Shaw heath, it people and it busyness. There always seems to be a bit of a buzz about Shaw heath with the pubs always full of smiling faces. Always a warm welcome and the kettle is always on.

Edgeley When I lived on Edgeley I found a great community spirit and other than for work I really didn't need to live it. Everything could be found on the high street and it is still one of the busiest high streets going whilst other town and village centres are declining in popularity.

Adswood Adswood still reminds me of a village with a unique identity and a strong sense of community.

Cheadle, Cheadle Heath and Cheadle Hulme I often stop in Cheadle Heath even If I don't have patients or am just passing through. Morrisons is a great place to shop but the outdoor super store is like a magnet to me and I like to go and see what fantastic new kit is available. Cheadle village is always worth a wander round especially around the music shop at the end of Manchester road. Cheadle Hulme is a huge area of homes and businesses where I treat a number of new patients.

Gatley Gatley is very much a village and when I used to work there it seemed like everybody knows everybody. It has a great pub and a good Indian restaurant to.

Heald Green I love working in or around Heald Green as I get to visit the music shop whenever i'm in that neck of the woods.

Heaton Norris, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Chapel and Heaton Moor This is such a huge area that is pretty much self contained with everything that you need. The shopping area is great and the library is one of the best. It even has its own cinema like my home town of Urmston. The Moor is now very cosmopolitan with lots going on including live music, good food and a great place to spend an evening in the traditional pubs or modern bars. There are a number of Chiropodist podiatrist and foot health practitioner in "The Heatons" but the Chiropodist that I knew who used to take part in the quiz's at the Hinds head left the UK and went to live in Oz.

Reddish Was my home for a couple of years and am very fond of the area and the people. It was my perfect base for work and nights out in Stockport. My neighbors were fab and I have a lot of happy memories of Reddish and the Heatons.




Manchester foot care

Manchester foot care

Manchester foot care








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A Chiropodist or Podiatrist spends 3 years studying their profession and their skills in which time they cover the whole human leg and its associated problems. A foot health practitioner spends their entire study on the foot alone and its relationship with the various body systems. A thorough understanding of the foots skeletal, muscular, nervous components, skin and lymph systems is used to diagnose and treat a range of problems that cause pain and hinder function. I would like to make clear that I am not a Podiatrist or Chiropodist but a foot health practitioner dedicated to making you as pain free and as functional as you can be. Call today to make an appointment or for a friendly chat about your requirements.

David Clayton S.A.C Dip. FHPT S.A.C Dip. FHPP


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